Blender – Architectural Design & Animation

This course is project based where you will cover the process of creating 2D drawing layouts in Blender.  Using the Archipack and Archimesh add-ons you will create the 3D house model, add material and learn the process of creating an animation.

This course covers:

Archipack: Learn to create 3D parametric Architectural elements

Archimesh: Learn to quickly create large window elements for your scene

Sun position: Create Sun animations with this great add-on for Blender

MeasureIt: Create, Dimension and Render your Layouts using this amazing add-on for Blender 3D.

3D Model Grass and use Blender’s particle system to add it throughout the scene.

Creating Trees using the Sapling add-on in Blender

Using Blender’s PBR shader Create custom Material for your 3D models.


Setup Render layers in Blender

Explore Blender’s Compositor for post processing and much more!