Blender – Architectural Design & Animation

This course is project based where you will cover the process of creating 2D drawing layouts in Blender.  Using the Archipack and Archimesh add-ons you will create the 3D house model, add material and learn the process of creating an animation.

This course covers:

Archipack: Learn to create 3D parametric Architectural elements

Archimesh: Learn to quickly create large window elements for your scene

Sun position: Create Sun animations with this great add-on for Blender

MeasureIt: Create, Dimension and Render your Layouts using this amazing add-on for Blender 3D.

3D Model Grass and use Blender’s particle system to add it throughout the scene.

Creating Trees using the Sapling add-on in Blender

Using Blender’s PBR shader Create custom Material for your 3D models.


Setup Render layers in Blender

Explore Blender’s Compositor for post processing and much more!



Conceptual Design Creation in Blender


Learn how to create early stage design renders using the tools available inside Blender. These include the Archipack and Archimesh add-ons for the creation of parametric walls, door, stairs, railings and window elements. We will also 3D model our own custom models for inclusion in the scene.

Learn how to create viewport material and render images instantly using the open GL render available in Blender. We use the orthographic cameras in Blender to render custom views. We finish by adding these views into one final layout.

This course covers:

Content and Overview

Archipack: Learn to create 3D parametric Architectural elements

Archimesh: Learn to quickly create large window elements for your scene

OpenGl: Quickly render your designs

The course is designed for practical learning and will walk you step by step through the process of creating  early stage designs. We explore the use of the orthographic cameras in Blender to render custom views and create a custom 2D layout.
The lessons are taught with practical examples and aimed at completing the architectural design project. Learning Blender doesn’t need to be difficult and you should enjoy the journey as you create some amazing architectural renders and 3D models.

Learn how to design in this amazingly powerful 3D production suite and start designing architectural 3D models, design for 3D games, design unique 3D assets, design for 3D printed objects, or create amazing art work.

So jump in and start creating today!